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Wright Architects, PLLC specializes in Architecture and Construction Assistance of homes, offices, institutional buildings, sustainable projects, and developments across the U.S., Virgin Islands and abroad.

Our projects range from elegant small additions and renovations, to large complex new buildings. Since our inception, we have offered our clients a full spectrum of services from Purchase of Property to Interior Design, protecting our client’s interest throughout the duration of the Project and beyond.


We will work on your design, develop a comprehensive set of drawings and obtain approvals.  Drawings will be distributed to several contractors for price comparison.  A contractor will be selected based on quality and price. During the construction process, we will administer the contract and monitor progress in the project ensuring the Client is protected financially and the Contractor compensated accordingly.


This is our favorite approach; this process is not as conventional as Design-Bid-Build; however, it allows for the Owner to have better control on the budget and it is intended to avoid conflict of interest among the parties involved.

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We will obtain all pertinent permits Zoning, LPC and DOB and any Variances if required by the scope of work.  We will also review the Alteration Agreement and advise accordingly as well as coordinate with the Building Architect and/or Community Board to obtain their approval.


We design highly energy efficient structures and complement them with renewable energy generation by utilizing Geothermal, Photovoltaic, Wind and/or Solar thermal systems.  Budget and ROI are usually what drive the implementation of some of these systems.  We perform a quick study on each project and we advise on which solution is more viable.


Designing for a Developer and for a Private Client is very different.  One driven mainly by cost and the other one allowing you to dream a bit more.  We will listen to your wishes and create a Customized Design utilizing our 3-Dimensional skills allowing you to visualize the space and structure before it is ready for construction.


We are able to help you from the Purchasing stages to Final Completion.


For more information, see our Management section.

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