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In the City of Kingston, we had a Holiday Inn that cornered the local market on most of the hospitality industry. But, after ignoring the ever-changing needs for the increasing number of travelers who visited the Hudson Valley, the hotel lost its way. Holiday Inn corporate revoked the franchise. The client came to us to help regain prominence in the industry. They were losing bookings to a series of smaller, boutique hotels that were popping up in the area.

Our answer was simple: bring back the exciting look and flow of the hotels in larger markets; in other words, make it friendly and timeless. With a complete rework of the lobby, restaurant and bar, we created an open, comfortable space that allowed customers a place to sit while waiting, eating, drinking and watching the world go by. This rework, along with a state-of-the-art gym and easier flow for conventions and meetings won back the client’s place as the “go-to” hotel in Kingston.


Images courtesy of Best Western

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