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Located on the second floor of the 1950s Wells Fargo Bank Building in Uptown Kingston, Wright Architects first assessed what qualities of the space were salvageable and what had to be removed to make way for new ideas. The firm kept some of the existing offices and wood paneling but stripped away most of them to reveal an open, loft-like space. 


The concrete sub floor was exposed. Interior glass windows, doors and walls were used to enhance the open, transparent feeling. The glass sliding doors even gave a nod to local history with barn-door style hardware. Some pops of color were carefully added to an otherwise white box space giving it an incredibly bright and cheerful work environment. 


An energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system was installed so fresh air would be present at all times. The space was heavily insulated to reduce energy use with a white roof constructed to make way for future solar panels. And finally, fully dimmable LED light fixtures were installed throughout, although the space relies mostly on a wash of natural light.

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