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With over 35 years of experience, Wright Architects specializes in designing and building luxury residential and commercial projects with emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Wright Architects is committed to excellence and sustainability.

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Let’s work together to meet the needs of today without compromising our tomorrow.

Sustainability is more than greening our buildings; it's making our homes and places of work healthier and more in tune with the environment. It's respecting and treating each other with fairness and providing equal opportunities for growth. 


The built environment has been one of the major polluters of our environment but we now have ways to reduce buildings’ carbon footprint to zero. Whether you have a particular energy reduction goal in mind, you are retrofitting an existing building or designing a new one, we can help. The solutions can go from creating a holistic plan that you can implement in phases to a fully automated building.

“The quality of our projects is the result of patience, persistence and experienced leadership.” - Wright Architects

NYC Townhouse Renovation:

The nice thing about being in business for 35 years is that you get a chance to design and build homes and offices for the children of your earlier clients. The bad thing is that you realize you are building homes and offices for clients who you remember being in strollers. In this townhouse, our clients were two sisters. When we first met them, one was five years old and the other was under a year...

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