Early in our careers, a client who recently retired decided he wanted to get into the horse breeding business but he had no idea what that entailed. He grew up in the lower east side of Manhattan before he owned many radio stations but horses were his dream. First stop was to purchase 200 acres in Upstate NY and then jump in.

Our task was to take an old house and renovate it. We ended up gutting it to the foundations and starting over. The house had to include an office, an entertainment area (for potential horse breeders) and a home. By using the natural slope of the site, the office was at the lower level, to walk out to the barns and track; the living/entertaining level was in the middle with a wraparound porch to watch the horses train; and a lovely living space occupied the top level. All levels had a magnificent view of the half mile training track, breeding barns, walk-in pond for hydro-training and vast meadows and trails.

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