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Don’t be surprised, but our most authentic Adirondack Camp is not in the Adirondacks!

We have designed many Adirondack homes in the Adirondack Mountains and Park in Upstate NY over the years. All on lakes with boathouses and all designed with warmth, stone and wood interiors causing one’s blood pressure to drop considerably while cuddling up to a warm fire in flannel jammies.

Our clients wanted all of that, but not seven hours away from NYC. So, how about one and a half hours? They found a development in the southern Catskills where we could create the feel of the Adirondacks without the need to go there. It worked. The clients did their research: they had dreamed of everything the northern woods brought to a Camp (the term applied to all homes in the Park due to the inevitable reality that once you built a Camp, everyone wanted to visit for the Summer… Just like the camps you sent your children to, but for adults as well).

The final product was an amazing collaboration between artists we brought in from the Adirondacks to create the authentic limb-work, log stairs, birch and twig veneered furniture and stone fireplaces. Our wonderful client was overjoyed with the outcome.

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