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Wright Architects of Kingston, NY has recently been hired to restore several historic buildings in Uptown Kingston to their former glory. 


The firm’s first project is the historic Frederick L. Westbrook House (circa 1859) located at 286 Clinton Avenue in Kingston, NY. The front porch was completely restored to its original Neoclassical Revival-style grandeur by local artisan Alan Laycock of British American Restoration in Hurley, NY. The before and after photos illustrate how incredible the transformation is.



Alan Laycock (left) and bldg manager Joe Hildenbrand (right)


Mr. Laycock noted this job was a particularly “challenging project” because the porch’s foundation had sunk several inches due to water runoff. But the sky-blue ceiling - which is said to ward off restless spirits, repel insects AND create a natural illusion of extended daylight - is particularly enchanting.


Soon Wright Architect will begin a full exterior restoration of the John Tremper House (circa 1802) located prominently at 1 N. Front Street across the street from the Senate Garage. The firm is also in the process of getting Fair Street (from Main to Henry) recognized by the State of New York as an historic district, which in turn could spark many more historic restoration projects.


Wright Architect’s commitment to quality historic restoration and the preservation of Kingston’s unique architectural history is ceaseless.


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Alan Laycock, owner of British American Restorations, is a charming Englishman who has been in the woodworking, home and furniture restoration business for the past 35 years. Specializing in Victorian home and Farmhouse restoration, he works in the Hudson Valley on a wide assortment of projects such as floors, fireplace mantels, staircases, and antique furniture restoration.


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